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  "Husband recently purchased a NAD cd player. Worth going to a place where they know what they're talking about and no high pressure sales tactics. If this store sells it, it's good quality."

by Enogca - October 2016


  "I hustled him for headphones. The jeadphones where amazing"

by Adam - January 2017


  "For the lazy people, Shop at brant stereo if you want an awesome product at the best price you will find. Keep reading for my full experience.okay so I have dealt with brant stereo twice now going back to 2010, they were recommended to me by the owner of the audible difference on west street who deal in mainly car audio. So after following his advice I went over to find a bunch of nice TV's that seemed like a good price. were there cheaper TV's in similar sizes sure. but I decided I would give a 46" LCD SONY BRAVIA (non smart tv) try based on the stores recommendation. now coming on 6 years later I still get a lot of compliments on my tv, the picture being bright, crisp and without any motion blur. Looks great for hockey, soccer, video games and even the most recent james bond movie. Not too many other brands of LCDS are still getting compliments 6 years later. I am super happy with my purchase especially with how well it has held up, and how I've had absolutely 0 problems after 3 moves and 6 years. then in the middle of 2014 I decided I was going to purchase a receiver and 2.0 speaker system.I ended up going with a Paradigm milleniaone 2.0 speaker setup and a Denon x1100w so I came back to brant stereo I also checked out best buy and FM audio video. best buys speaker line up were just not in the not in the same ball park as the paradigms like comparing a flip phone to a iphone 6 which was fine but it ruled out best buy. FM audios bowers and wilkins line up of flat panel monitors were tempting but 900$ per speaker. so I went with the paradigms. now you will not find a better looking speaker then the millenniaone there a cast aluminium frame and a 4.5in driver with a reference tweeter. so simply put awesome. Pure bliss not fatiguing on the the ears and perfect for movie dialogue and music. They have great range and even when turned up very loud they do not struggle at all to produce on point sound. Just google paradigm and you will quickly realize they are the best speakers in the world.Now with my receiver The Denon X1100W it worked great for almost two years, it had great networking features the audyessy setup is easy and makes everything sound better. And it has plenty of inputs for all your devices but it just died on me. Now if I had have went with the receiver I wanted (Denon S-710) I would have been screwed because they only have a two year warranty. The man at the store convinced me to jump up to the IN COMMAND line for a little more money 55$ so I said sure with that I got an extra year of warranty too. Now im sending this back on to be repaired for free, this is really saving my ass now. So as you can see I have listened to the pros who have to deal with this stuff all day and it has worked out for me brilliantly. You don't want someone whos part time and not going to be there if your equipment breaks if you need to bring it back you want someone whos all the way in and will be able to help you and Brant stereo are those people"

by Brad - October 2016